Our Annual Vendor Meeting was held on February 28, 2019 - 11am-1pm. If you were unable to attend and have questions, etc. please contact- our Manager, Adam via email at

Our official deadline for applicants is now passed but we are still accepting applications based upon availability within a category of vendor. Questions? contact

Interested in being a vendor?

We would love to have you! Please keep in mind:

  • All vendors MUST have a completed application- we encourage use of our online application

    • You may choose seasonal or daily rate structure-

    • 12x10 Feet: $225

      24x10 Feet: $425

      36x10 Feet: $625

      Daily Vendor: 12x10 Feet: $35/day

  • Item must be hand produced, no mass production or reselling allowed

  • All vendors must read and acknowledge our Market Rules- it is vendor responsibility to open and read document, submitting application indicates you agree to abide by the market rules.

  • Liability insurance is required for ALL vendors with proof required for your application to be complete. There are many options for providers, and often your current insurance applies, RFM just needs to be listed as additional insured and proof provided.

    • There are many carriers that can assist- we don’t endorse any but ideas include-

      Campbell Risk Management- more information at

      Shelter Insurance- Jordan Welch, 104 Orchard Ave, GJ 81501  970-986-8880

  • Once all pieces of application and payment are received, your acceptance will be confirmed by our Market Manager- questions on status? Please contact at

  • *Please note a "Thank you for submitting your application" message will appear when online form is submitted correctly.

  • Applications and Payment are due by May 1, 2019

  • We will continue to accept applications as the market begins, unless a category is already full or waitlisted

  • We welcome many types of vendors- Produce, Meat/Eggs/Dairy, Bakers, Wineries/Distilleries, Arts & Crafts, Bodycare, Prepared Foods, and more- questions regarding your category should be directed to Market Manager-

  • Town of Ridgway has new limitations on single use plastic. Technically vendors at the market are not required to follow as they do not fit the “business” criteria. However RFM strongly encourages vendors to participate as much as possible for the benefit of the community and environment. Information can be found on the Town of Ridgway Website and by reviewing here.

    We will try to post additional resources and information as they become available.


We often offer live music during our market for the enjoyment of our patrons. If you are interested in becoming a performer at the market please complete our Performer Application Online.